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Find out what participants are saying about our workshops


Having other patients at different places in their diabetes journey was very useful as they asked questions I had not thought about. I came away from this session reassured

I already have COPD but the workshop reminded me of what I needed to do and any additional assistance from the GP which is now required

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I found today's session very interesting. Hearing about the alternatives to HRT was really useful

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It was great having the time to clarify and discuss some misconceptions, coupled with the input of others. Makes you feel relieved that you're not the only one who has the issues being discussed

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The facilitator was very good at giving us information and also she solved our questions well. Even though the workshop was for 2 hours it didn't feel like it and it went very quickly

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This is much welcomed to have the chance to speak directly to a healthcare professional; it will make a difference in managing my condition

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The workshop answered a lot of the questions I had, and gave me information on how to access medical help and get the information I need


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It is worthwhile attending the session to keep focused on taking care mentally and physically; especially as in my case also being diabetic in addition to having high blood pressure and cholesterol

Senior Woman

Very well presented and supportive training with lots of useful information

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