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Complaints Procedure

How do I make a complaint against the Myhealth Team?


The Myhealth programme Complaints Procedure is designed to address any specific concerns our patients have that relate to the quality of customer service provided by Myhealth or our providers.

For example this might include:

  • maladministration

  • delays in receiving information/responses within accepted timeframes (excluding Freedom of Information and Data Protection requests)

  • difficulty in contacting the correct office, branch or person

  • incorrect information or guidance issued by Myhealth

  • attitude and conduct of Myhealth or the Myhealth providers staff


The procedures set out below explains how you can make a complaint about the quality of our services.

Informal Procedure

Our aim is to resolve any complaint quickly and you are invited initially to bring any matter of concern to the attention of the Myhealth Departmental official with whom you have been dealing. However, if you still feel dissatisfied after this approach, you may initiate a formal complaint in writing.

Formal Procedures

All formal complaints should be in writing.  Please provide as much information as possible along with contact details, such as your name, telephone number and postal address.  We will handle any personal data you provide in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.

You can write to us at the following address:

NHS Hillingdon Clinical Commissioning Group

Myhealth team

Boundary House
Cricket Field Road


Or email us at:

In all cases the Department will:

  • Acknowledge receipt of your complaint.  We will normally issue a letter of acknowledgement within two working days of receiving your complaint

  • treat your complaint in a confidential manner

  • carry out a thorough investigation

  • aim to provide a written reply to your complaint with a full explanation of the outcome of our investigations within 20 working days and, where this is not possible, let you know when a reply can be expected

  • apologise if we have made a mistake or if a problem has been caused by us

  • let you know what we have done to put things right

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