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MyHealth is an education and empowerment programme offering advice and workshops to people to help empower them to really take control of their health by giving them the latest knowledge. All our workshops are facilitated by a health professional in a group setting both online and face to face.

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MyHealth philosophy

How we can help

The MyHealth Programme is committed to ensuring that the residents of Hillingdon can access high quality, evidence-based care in a setting appropriate to their needs by transforming the way care is delivered.


We do this by co-producing the programme with our service users and carers, providers, the local authority and community and voluntary sector groups.

what we do

Our Aims


To help those living with long-term conditions to better manage their condition and improve their health and wellbeing


Coproduce meaningful workshops with residents, clinicians, and commissioners to promote self-management.


Reduce unnecessary A&E and GP attendance through education

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how we help

Our Diabetes Workshop

MyHealth have been awarded a Qismet accreditation for our Diabetes
type 2 & Pre-Diabetes workshops. This means they have been formally recognised for their quality and are now classed as structured education. 

You can view our complete Diabetes & Pre-Diabetes journey below.

Building Awareness

Learning about Type 2 diabetes

Diet and  Nutriton

How can a healthy diet impact you

One to One Coaching

Setting SMART lifestyle goals

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