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Diet & Nutrition for Weight Loss

MyHealth are offering a FREE workshop on Diet & Nutrition for Weight Loss. Presented by a fully qualified Dietitian, this is a one-off workshop that will be held virtually through Zoom for 2 hours in a group setting.

This Workshop aims to give you the tools and information needed to give you lasting results on your weight loss. this workshop will help you to identify and understand emotional and physical triggers to overeating. It will also help you to be more mindful about what you eat, from portion sizes to planning a meal with a dietitian. This workshop is more than a fad diet its a lifestyle change.

Contents of Workshop:

• What is Hunger?

• Tools for Weight Loss

• Exploring Mindfulness and Weight Loss

• Exploring 'Head Hunger'

• Plan a Meal

• Visual & Emotional Triggers to Over Eating

• Goal Setting

For any questions please contact the MyHealth team directly:

Call Directly: 01895543437

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