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This is a FREE 2 hour interactive workshop covering Menopause, delivered by a health professional and held online through Zoom.

It's estimated that there are around 13 million women who are currently peri or menopausal in the UK – that's equal to one third of the entire UK female population.

Attending this workshop will give you a chance to learn more about how to manage your menopause as well as give you the chance to ask questions to a qualified practitioner.

Our menopause workshops are designed to break the stigma around menopause and create a space for those going through it to understand what it is and to share their experiences with others. This workshop is also available to men who wish to understand what the women in their life are going through, to see how they can support them.

Contents of Workshop:

• What is Menopause?

• Understanding Symptoms of Menopause

• How to Manage Menopause

• Work as a Group to Achieve Solutions

• What Support is Available to you?

For any questions please contact the MyHealth team directly:

Call Directly: 01895543437

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